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United Family International Vaccination Center

Taking full advantage of the Super Hospital platform in Hainan Boao Lecheng, United Family Healthcare will provide you with not only the compulsory and recommended vaccines on the China Vaccination Schedule, but will also, thanks to the special policy in Lecheng, provide alternative imported combination and polyvalent vaccines, not yet available in the rest of China.  These vaccines can be cost-effective and protect you and your baby against more diseases with fewer injections. For adults, we can provide new vaccines which have been approved in the United States.


Equipment and facilities:

The UFH International Vaccination Center strictly follows the requirements of the Hainan Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention and has set up a vaccination registration office, a vaccine injection room, an observation room, etc. It also has UV disinfection lamps and air sterilizers to ensure a clean and safe environment for vaccination. In case of allergies or unexpected reactions, emergency response equipment is readily available, including ambulances, first-aid medicines, oxygen tanks, resuscitation balloons, AEDs, and intubation kits. The UFH vaccine storage system is equipped with a sound quality monitoring and alarm reporting mechanism, including a 24-hour electronic cold chain monitoring system to control the storage temperature, and a classified warning mechanism to promptly inform corresponding medical staff to respond to and manage any problem that may arise at any time.


Vaccine control and vaccination procedure/workflow:

The UFH International Vaccine Center has established rigorous workflows and procedures, including detailed regulations for clinic appointments, patient education, doctors’ duties, nurses’ responsibilities, post-vaccination observations, treatment of adverse reactions, and post-vaccination follow-up. For example, when a patient develops an adverse reaction, an emergency response and referral procedures at the super-hospitals will start immediately, and the side effects of the vaccine will be reported to the CDC. The pharmacy at the vaccination center will inventory the vaccines by batch numbers each week, and strictly follow the CDC guidelines to handle expired and damaged vaccines.